Lesson   10


No 9. Exercise 5. Learn how to pronounce and use the new words. Listen and repeat.

[a:]  last, class, class — classes, in class, after classes, before classes.When

      does the Russian class begin? Do you always speak English in class? After

      classes I often go shopping. We never meet our friends before classes.There

      are thirty pupils in our class.

[ʌ]   come, comfortable, a comfortable chair, comfortable shoes. Is your room

      very comfortable? I don't think my new boots are very comfortable.

[ju:] pupil, uniform, a uniform — uniforms, a brown uniform,a dark blue uniform.

      They all wear uniforms at their school. Do all pupils wear uniforms in

      class? Pupils often don't like to wear uniforms when they are at school.

      P. E. Physical Education. I have P. E. on Thursday morning and on Monday

      afternoon. What do you do in your P. E. class? Do you wear T-shirts in your

      P. E. class? What's your P. E. uniform like?

[æ]  Handicraft. — When do you have Handicraft? — I have Handicraft on

      Tuesday and Friday. Do you always wear uniforms in your Handicraft classes?

      Who is your Handicraft teacher? What do you usually do in your Handicraft classes?

[e]   ten, exercise book, an exercise book — exercise books. Susan has got a

      big exercise book for Handicraft. There are many exercise books in my bag.

      Open your exercise books, please.

[ju:] beautiful, museum, a museum — museums, to go to the museum. Are there

       many different museums in London? We shall meet at the museum at 4.

      What museums in Moscow do you know?

[e]   red, pencil, a pencil — pencils, coloured pencils, draw in pencil. He's got

      many coloured pencils in the  box. Where is my favourite  pencil? He can

      draw in pencil very well.


No 10. Exercise 6. Listen to the questions and answer them.

l.   When do you have P. E.? Do you like your P. E. classes? What do you do in

     P. E. class? Do you wear a uniform when you have P. E.? What is it like? Are

     you comfortable in it or not? Do all boys and girls wear uniforms when they

     have P. E.?

2.   When do you have Handicraft? What do you do when you have it? Do you write

     in your exercise books when you have Handicraft? Do you go to museums with

     your teacher of Handicraft?


No  11. a) Open your textbook, Exercise 11. Listen to the dialogue. 

George: What are you doing this Friday?

Alan:   I don't know yet. Why?

George: You  see, we  are  having a test  on  Saturday.  Can you  help  me with my


Alan:   Of course I can. When shall I come?

George: Can you meet me after classes?

Alan:   OK. Two o'clock then. See you later. Bye.

George: Bye and thanks a lot.


b) Read the dialogue after the speakers.

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