Lesson 5


No 3. Exercise 4. Listen and answer the questions.

Part I. What animals are usually the most favourite pets?

People keep animals as pets in all countries: in India and England, in America,
in Canada and Russia. These animals often become the most favourite members
of the family. Pets get names. People look after them, teach them different tricks,
buy them tasty food, toys, presents and even clothes.
The most favourite pets in all the countries are kittens and cats, puppies and
dogs. But many people keep parrots and other birds at home. Sometimes they have
got hamsters and tortoises, monkeys and snakes, frogs and fishes as pets. Some
people have more than one pet, and some people don't have any pets at all, as
tastes differ.

Part II. Do people sometimes keep wild animals as pets? Why?

From books and films we learn that little wolves, lions, bears, crocodiles and
other wild animals can become pets too. People sometimes find little animals in
the forests, fields, mountains and other places. The cubs have no mothers to take
care of them and they can't, live without any help. People often take them home
and look after them. They try to help. It is not always easy to do so because many
people do not know how to feed cubs or how to take care of them.
Wild animals are to go back to the places where they lived when they grow
up. Sometimes people give them to the zoos or circuses where they become actors.

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