Lesson 14


No 18. Exercise 5. Learn how to pronounce and use the new words. Listen and



[ei]  late, age, school age, at the age of.eight, people of all ages. In Russia

      children begin to go to school at the age of six. In Great Britain pupils usu-

      ally leave school at the age of sixteen.

[e]   ten, pen, a pen — pens. There are many pens and pencils on my desk.

      Count your pens, please. Where is your pen?

[ʌ]   cup, rubber, a rubber — rubbers, a pencil with a rubber. Give me the rub-

      ber, please. I haven't got a rubber in my bag. Do you like my new blue


[u:]  blue, ruler, a ruler — rulers. Your ruler is longer than my ruler. Can you

      give me a ruler, please? Where are the rulers?

[a:]  dark, carpet, a carpet — carpets, a beautiful carpet. Shall I put the carpet

      on the floor? Your carpet makes the classroom comfortable. There is a beau-

      tiful carpet near the bookcase.

[aʊ]  out, outdoors (out-of-doors). I like to play different games outdoors. In hot

      countries you can sleep outdoors. It is cold outdoors, isn't it? Do you always

      play basketball outdoors?

[i]   big, difficult, a difficult book, a difficult class, a difficult poem, a difficult

      game. I don't think it is difficult to help about the house now.

[i:]  read, easy, easy work, an easy poem, easy lessons. Our life is not always

      easy, it is sometimes very difficult. It is not always easy to count.


No 19. a) Open your textbook, Exercise 10. Listen to the poem "When the Sun Is in the Sky".



                                  When the Sun Is in the Sky


                                  I get up and open my eyes,

                                  I wash, put on my dress and a pair

                                  Of shoes and all the things I wear.

                                  Then walking off to school I go

                                  To learn the things that I must know.


b) Read the poem after the speaker and learn it.

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