Lesson  15



No 20. Exercise 5. Learn how to pronounce and use the new words. Listen and



[e]   pen, spend, to spend — spent, to spend money on books, to spend money

      on clothes, to spend time on the sports ground. Where did you spend last

      Sunday? How do you spend your holidays?

[ʌ]   rubber, subject, a subject — subjects, an interesting subject, different sub-

      jects. We have got many subjects on the timetable at school. What is your

      favourite subject at school? What is the most difficult subject for you?

[e]   pen, get, to get on with (smb). Children learn how to get on with their

      friends at school. How are you getting on with the new pupil? They don't

      get on very well. He is easy to get on with. How are you getting on?

[aʊ]  over, to be over. The film is over. The lesson is not over yet. School is over.

      When will the holidays be over? — Will your Music class be over soon? —

      Yes, it will be over in ten minutes.

[ei]  face, famous, a famous doctor, famous pilots, a famous school, to be famous

      for something. London is famous for its museums.— What is he famous

      for?  —  He is famous for his book.

[ɔ:]  floor, important, an important subject, an important book, important prob-

      lems. It is a very important day, isn't it? This work will be very important.

      It is important not to be late for classes.

[з:]  first, learn, to learn — learnt, to learn by heart, to learn well, to learn

      English, to learn to play chess. It's never too late to learn.— Shall we learn

      it by heart? — Yes, please.



                            Listening   Comprehension   Lesson


No 21. Listen to the text "Better Late Than Never" and try to understand it.



                            Better Late Than Never


     One Wednesday morning Finy Fox and Shiny Fox, the two little brothers, were

walking to school. They walked slowly for 10 minutes, then Shiny said, "Be quick

or we shall be late for school! It is half past eight!" But Finy said, "I don't want

to go to school today. We are already late. We can have so much fun in the for-

est. Our mother thinks we are at school, so we can play in the forest. We can go

home when we hear the boys coming home from school." Shiny said this was

a good idea.

     So the foxes ran to the river. What a good time they had! They laughed a lot,

they swam in the river, they danced with little bears and sang songs with the birds.

They got on well with all the different animals who lived in the forest. The foxes

didn't think at all about their classroom, their desks, pens, pencils, their books

and their lessons. Wednesday was their longest school day — they had Maths,

English, Handicraft, Art and Nature Study on their timetable. All the subjects were

very important. But the foxes didn't want to write on the blackboard or in their

exercise books. They didn't want to study, to learn to count and to read. They

didn't want to work. They wanted to play outdoors.

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